We ask that you arrive as close to your appointment time as possible. If you must, wait in your vehicle until no sooner than 5 minutes prior to your appointment. Though perhaps difficult, we ask that you attend the clinic alone.  Anyone dropping you off or picking you up should stay in the vehicle unless you require the assistance of another for preventing falls.

We require that you bring a mask to wear in the clinic. Please do not bring gloves. We will ask you to remove them upon entry. Gloves are a false sense of security and do not replace hand washing.  If you do not own a mask, we will be able to provide you with one at a cost of $2. Proceeds from masks will be donated to the local food bank.

Please leave unnecessary items in your vehicle.  Upon entering the clinic, you will again be asked prescreening questions.  Should you answer yes to any of these questions, you will not be able to attend your appointment. A hand sanitizing station will be present to your right. Staff will monitor your handwashing and ensure your mask is worn properly. Once sanitized, you will be directed by a staff member to your appointment room. Please do not sit in the reception area unless necessary and directed to.

If you have paperwork that must be viewed/signed by your physiotherapist, scan and email all correspondence to your physiotherapist whenever possible to minimize unnecessary handling of paper and risking contamination.

We would appreciate you use the washroom facilities at your home before attending. The washroom will still be available if absolutely necessary, but bear in mind, the washroom facilities must undergo a 10-15 minute sanitization after each use, regardless of your purpose, in the facility. If the facility must be used, please advise the staff.  Please also re-sanitize your hands prior to entry of any treatment room after washroom use.

You should stay in your room/on your treatment bed only and minimize travel to other areas in the clinic.  The gym will remain open but only for the use of exercise equipment and parallel bars. Therabands will be single-use and you will be required to purchase the theraband and bring it to subsequent treatments.

Upon completion of your appointment, you must sanitize your hands before being directed to our lovely front desk staff to pay, purchase, and rebook your appointments. There will be visible floor markers to indicate where you should stand if multiple patrons are at the front desk. We ask you to fill one of the empty floor markers if required to wait. Payment via credit or visa (TAP) or via etransfer is preferred to minimize contact.  If possible, please do not pay with cash