Welcome to GLA:D™ Canada at PhysioNorth – an evidence-based best practice treatment for patients with symptomatic knee and/or hip osteoarthritis.

The GLA:D™ Canada program combines neuromuscular exercises with education to teach patients proper movement patterns for everyday activities. This results in positive and sustained improvements in their health-related quality of life. The program has been extensively researched and has been shown to be effective for patients in early to late stages of osteoarthritis.

At PhysioNorth, we offer the GLA:D™ Canada program in group sessions to minimize costs, with data collection included for quality monitoring.

What makes GLA:D™ Canada unique is its focus on patient education. Patients are taught how to properly move and perform activities of daily living. This education empowers patients to take control of their symptoms and improves their overall quality of life.

The benefits of the GLA:D™ Canada program are numerous. Patients report significant improvements in pain, physical function, and quality of life. And because the program is designed to be sustained over time, these benefits are long-lasting.

If you are experiencing knee and/or hip OA symptoms, we encourage you to sign up for the GLA:D™ Canada program at PhysioNorth. By doing so, you can achieve positive and meaningful change in your quality of life. Call to schedule an appointment today.


• is an 8-week education and exercise program delivered by certified therapists
for people with symptoms of hip or knee osteoarthritis (OA)
• was developed in Denmark and more than 10,000 have participated
• has reduced pain, use of pain killers and days on sick leave and has improved quality of life
• teaches you how to control your movements to allow you to be more active

What is GLA:D™ Canada?

• GLA:D® is available in Canada and will be offered in various locations across the country
• The program includes: 2-3 education classes, 12 exercise sessions (twice a week for 6 weeks),
and measures your outcomes to monitor your improvement
• The goal of the program is to reduce your symptoms so that you can do the things you want to do
• Visit www.gladcanada.ca to find your nearest GLA:D™ Canada location

Course Breakdown


Assessment $65
Per session(*12) includes 2 free education sessions $35
Total course cost $485