Our Kinomai Restoraction Cream is the ideal first aid cream, great for relieving the aches and pains associated with sore, stiff muscles.

• Produces effective anti-inflammatory action
• Improves circulation and disperses congestion
• Clears heat from injured tissue
• With arnica, one of the best external remedies for local healing, featuring sesquiterpene lactone constituent helenalin, known for its anti-inflammatory action
• Also highlighted by lobelia, a classical topical treatment for sprains, bruises, and skin diseases
• With MSM, a form of sulfur that is essential for joints and acts as a carrier for other herbs
• A formula supported by other healing herbs like comfrey and St. John’s wort
• Includes essential oils that complement the wound-healing and anti-inflammatory benefits of the herbs

Who it’s for:
Turn to our Kinomai Restoraction Cream if you want a topical first aid cream that promotes a rapid onset of the healing process by regenerating the skin and underlying tissue.


NPN Use Claim:
Traditionally used in Herbal Medicine to help relieve pain and/or inflammation in muscles and joints (e.g. from sprains and bruises).