Patients must be referred to the program via their family doctor or nurse practitioner (PCP).

  • Rapid low back assessment (<4 weeks)
  • Education/self-management plans
  • Recommendations on diagnostics and specialist referral
  • Access to some expedited referrals where appropriate
  • Must be referred by an onboarded PCP

This program is for patients that have low back pain and/or radiating nerve pain in the legs that is not improving from 6 weeks to 12 months from onset


Patients with unmanageable recurrent episodic lower back pain and/or related symptoms of less than 12 months duration post-recurrence.

Patients not appropriate for the program include

  • Initial low back related symptoms <6 weeks post onset
  • Constant/persistent LBP-related symptoms >12 months post onset
  • <18 years of age
  • Unmanaged established chronic multisite pain disorder
  • Unmanaged established narcotic dependency
  • Active low back pain-related WSIB claim
  • Active low back pain-related motor vehicle accident claim
  • Active low back pain-related legal claim
  • Pregnant/post-partum patients (<1 year)

For more information, contact PhysioNorth or ask your PCP for a referral.